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Welcome to the Famous Dental Clinics In Himayat Nagar Hyderabad & Best Dentist Hyderabad.

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Are you looking out for top dental hospital in Hyderabad? If so, you are here - Toothcare is the best dental clinic in hyderabad, Please visit us...

Tooth care, one of the famous dental clinics in Hyderabad, which is state of the Art and professionally managed. You may have come across many Dental Doctors in Hyderabad, but patients at our clinic will get the help from the best dentist in hyderabad in the form of Personalised Care.

Himayat Nagar lies at the heart of the city and our clinic is easily accessible from the remotest place. Corporate hospitals are mushrooming in the city, but we are different in terms of Personalised attention and care that we offer in treating Dental, Oral & Cosmetic problems. We support our visiting patients with a comprehensive Dental health plan. This can be rarely found in other clinics. Over a decade and a half of experience in practising dentistry, Dr. Taufiq Munshi has acquired tremendous skills and is one of the best dentist in Hyderabad.

In the year 2004, Toothcare was set up by Dr.Taufiq Munshi and Dr.Sanya Munshi with a sole intention of providing Ideal, Comprehensive and Comfortable Dental Care.

In short run, Dr. Taufiq has established a reputed name and fame and has made a significant place among the dental doctors in Hyderabad. In addition, he does play a significant role in treating patients thru Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Taufiq Munshi is a life member of IAACD - Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry keeps up-to-date knowledge in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry. We do claim ourselves to be the best dental clinic on par with any other best dental hospitals in Hyderabad for the quality of Dental services that we provide.

At Tooth care, apart from regular Cleaning and Polishing of the Teeth, We use Laser in treating patients for infections of Gums and Periodontium the tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth.

Patients do visit us in search to restore the tooth damaged by Decay & Caries. We use cosmetic tooth coloured Fillings which restores the Tooth form, Shape, Size and Contour of the Teeth.

Accidents, illness, and deficient care can cause loss of tooth and if left unattended, it can cause a total damage to the facial appearance. Our team of Dental surgeons at Tooth care helps to restore the deformed facial Aesthetics through Crowns, Bridges, Implants and Dentures. Dr. Taufiq's experience in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry provides you with attractive and natural looking choices and options.

We use the latest and painless methods to do an Endodontic Treatment for the tooth that gets infected, damaged or injured. Dr. Taufiq is highly skilled in doing Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment using state of the art equipments.

The testimonials produce enough evidence in regard to the personalized care, concern and attention provided by Dr Taufiq. We take a pleasure in treating patients from different parts of the world catering to Dental tourism.

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