Cleaning & Polishing of Teeth by Professional Dentist

Tooth care offers Cleaning & Polishing of Teeth by Professional Dentist in Hyderabad

Dental Cleaning means the Professional Cleaning of your Teeth that you receive from a Dental consultant is also known as scaling.

Scaling: This is the removal of calculus, plaque and tartar from all Tooth surfaces. Device used to remove calculus, plaque and tartar from teeth is known as Scaler. Regular Teeth cleaning or Scaling is done to help prevent gum diseases and cavities. The procedure removes plaque and tartar around each tooth, which results in good Oral Hygiene. Dental clinics in Hyderabad provide with procedures to help patients in preventing cavities and bad breath.

At Tooth care we use Air Polishing System for the Teeth after Scaling. Air polishing is equipment that uses a jet formed by Air, Powder and Water in cleaning superficial stains of tea, coffee, food, etc from Teeth surfaces thereby making the surface of the Teeth Smooth and polished by Dentist in Hyderabad.

It is recommended that everyone should get their Dental Check-up done at least once in 6 months and get their Teeth cleaned professionally by professional at dental hospitals in Hyderabad to maintain Good Oral Hygiene.