Best Dental Clinic In Hyderabad - Treatment for Periodontal Diseases:

Gums & Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal Disease/Gum Disease refers to a number of inflammatory diseases affecting the Periodontium - that is, the tissues that surround and support the Teeth.

Gum disease is the inflammation or infection that attacks the Gums and Bone that hold your teeth in place, leading to loosening and subsequent loss of Teeth. The earliest and mildest form of periodontal disease is Gingivitis, characterized by swelling of the gums. Often, the gums will bleed during normal brushing and flossing.

Untreated gingivitis can advance to Periodontitis and eventually lead to tooth loss and other health problems. So, get treated at a good dental hospital in Hyderabad.

Gum Infections can be prevented by regular Brushing, Flossing and Professional cleaning (Scaling).

Tooth care the best dental clinic in Hyderabad treats gum Diseases depending on the damage and infection can be treated by various Periodontal Treatments including - Scaling, Deep Cleaning, Root Planning, Flap Surgery, Crown Lengthening procedures, Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting (Regeneration).

Flap Surgery is one of the most commonly done Dental Treatment for infected Gums. It is an absolutely painless procedure done under Local Anesthesia to temporarily separate the Gums from the teeth giving access to Roots of the Teeth and their supporting Bone. This access allows removal of diseased tissue, plaque and tartar which are considered the causative factors of Periodontitis.

(Pyorrhea) Gum Surgeries typically do not pose any kind of risks to the patient. It is a safe, uncomplicated and painless procedure done under Local Anesthesia at tooth care, a good dental hospital in Hyderabad.

Apart from the Routine Surgical method, Tooth care specializes in doing the Flap Surgery using Laser.

Laser Periodontal Therapy is a laser based technique for the treatment of periodontal disease. A lot of cases can be treated at an earlier stages of disease with Lasers which otherwise need surgical intervention in the advanced stages of the disease.

Laser is patient-friendly, minimally-invasive, patented technique to Gum surgery, and is a less painful, less traumatic way to treat periodontal disease at any stage.

Laser assisted Periodontal Surgery

Before & After Flap Surgery using Laser

aser targets and kills the main cause of gum disease and aids in reducing the bacteria associated with the disease residing deep within the Gum tissue. The Gum tissue is given a second chance to rebuild damaged structure such as bone and form a new attachment to your teeth.

Benefits of Laser Periodontal Therapy

- Less Invasive and Minimal Bleeding.

- Patients are more comfortable as Laser Gum therapy is less invasive.

- The laser energy is able to totally kill the bacteria associated with periodontal disease.

- Many Cosmetic Gum procedures can be done without the use of Local Anesthesia.