Top Dental Hospitals In Hyderabad - Oral Surgery:

Oral surgery procedures such as Tooth extraction, Impactions (Wisdom teeth), Cyst removals, Orthognathic surgery (Jaw teeth), Bone grafting, Sinus Augmentation are being regularly done either under Local or General Anesthesia.

Tooth care top dental hospitals in hyderabad uses the Advanced and Sterilized way of administering Local Anesthetic for surgical procedures in the form of Dental Cartridge System.


Sterile single use Dental Cartridge Needles

This system causes less trauma and less pain at the site of administering Local Anesthesia, achieved through a triple-bevel 26 gauge needle.

The wide ranges of services are offered in the Oral surgery at Tooth care one of the top dental hospitals in Hyderabad.


Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction or removal of teeth may be done when:

-The Tooth is severely decayed.

-There is advanced periodontal disease. ("gum disease")

-The Tooth may be broken such that it cannot be repaired.

-Teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth such as Impacted wisdom teeth or Malposed Teethand for orthodontictreatment ("Braces")

Normal tooth extraction is a simple process done under Local Anesthesia and is completed in one visit. After tooth is removed, the Gums are sutured or left to heal before the gap is replaced by Dental bridges, Dental implants or Dentures in preventing predispose teeth in the long term.



The Third molars or Wisdom Teeth normally grow in at around age 18 to 20 years. Wisdom teeth are just as useful as any other tooth if they grow in properly with a proper bite relationship and healthy Gum tissue. If a wisdom tooth does not erupt properly, they are referred to as impacted.

Impacted teeth can result in Infection, Decay of adjacent teeth, Gum disease or other problems. Hence, they it is recommend the removal of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent other potential problems.


Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery refers to the surgical repositioning of the Jaws Maxilla, Mandible, and the Dentoalveolar segments to achieve facial and occlusal balance. One or more segments of the jaw can be simultaneously repositioned to treat various types of malocclusions and jaw deformities.

Preoperative Diagnosis and planning is done at Toothcare, one of the best dental hospitals in Hyderabad between Orthodontist and Oral surgeon. Usually, Pre-surgical Orthodontics (Braces) is necessary to straighten the teeth and align the arches so that a stable occlusion can be obtained post-operatively. Orthodontics following surgery is frequently required to revise minor Bite discrepancies.


Bone graft surgery

This is done to re-establish Bone dimension in Dental implants treatment or in Periodontal treatment.


Pre-prosthetic surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery refers to any Oral Surgery treatment at Toothcare, one of the top dental hospitals in Hyderabad such as Gingivectomy or crown-lengthening that is done prior to restorative Dental works in re-establishing function of teeth or improving Aesthetics of teeth.