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This Treatment is done with Braces and Clips for the Alignment/Correction of Crooked Teeth. Orthodontic Treatment straightens the Teeth which are Crowded, Spaced or Crooked.

The goal of Orthodontic Treatment is to ensure Alignment in a Natural way by the Movement/Correction of the teeth to ensure proper Function and Good Esthetics. Orthodontics can be successful at any age especially young Adults can appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile provided a good dentist in Hyderabad treats the patient.

At Tooth care, the best dentists in Hyderabad do Interceptive Orthodontics at an early age of the child by using Functional Appliances along combination of Braces (Fixed Orthodontics) to correct the growth pattern of the Jaw.

Before               After

At the start of the treatment

After the movement of the Teeth

For comprehensive orthodontic treatment, most commonly, metal wires are inserted into orthodontic brackets which can be made from Stainless steel, Nickel-Titanium or a more aesthetic Ceramic material. The wires interact with the brackets to move teeth into the desired positions.

At Tooth care, dentists in Hyderabad, we have different choices of Braces and treatment options for Orthodontic Treatment:

- Aligners or Invisalign or Invisible Braces

- Stainless Steel Braces

- Golden Braces

- Ceramic or White colored Braces

- Self Ligating Braces and

- Lingual Braces

For more details about Inivisible Braces click here

Stainless Steel Braces

Golden Braces

Ceramic Braces

Self Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating (Smart Clip) Braces are the modern choice in orthodontics. They're computer designed and use a special Nickel-Titanium metal alloy to make your treatment more comfortable, save time and give you the result you want - a beautiful new smile.

Ordinary braces use "elastic bands" (technical name ligatures) to secure an archwire into a slot in each bracket. This is called "ligation". The bands can become stained or stretched requiring your orthodontist to change them. They can also retain food particles, making it more difficult to keep your braces clean. Your orthodontist will have to take these bands on and off to change or adjust the archwire during your treatment.

Self Ligating braces are different. Self-Ligating braces do not use elastics or metal ties to hold the archwire... they're self-ligating. Instead of elastic bands, Smartclip braces use small metal clips to hold the archwire into the bracket. With Self-Ligating technology, a patient has fewer adjustments and appointments, about 40% less than standard brackets.

Additionally, they place little or no pressure on the teeth. So the experience is more comfortable than standard brackets, and Self-Ligating brackets provide better hygiene with less irritation and plaque build up.

Self Ligating bracket systems reduce the friction within a brace system. This allows the teeth to move more effectively. Each individual bracket contains a small gate which can be used to ligate special light force memory wires.

Lingual Orthodontics - the Best Dentist Hyderabad

Lingual orthodontics straightens crooked teeth by placing the Braces cemented to the inside of the teeth also known as a lingual braces. The braces are invisible from the outside since they are fixed to the inside of your teeth and chances of someone noticing are greatly reduced.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the fixed braces of choice for the adult who never had the chance of orthodontic treatment as a child or developed bad teeth alignment later in their lives.

Lingual brackets are great for men and women ranging from the age of 20 to 60+ and People who are concerned about wearing braces that are seen.

Most people who can be treated with regular braces can be treated with lingual brackets, but as the case selection is important, the orthodontist can tell if lingual Braces are the right treatment option for you by our best dentist in Hyderabad.

Lingual Orthodontics... Hide Your Braces, Not Your Smile!