Meet The Doctors

Dr. Taufiq Munshi is a certified Dental practitioner by Dental council of India. He is a warm and caring person and puts everyone at comfort and ease instantly.

To ensure that his patients have access to the latest advancements and procedures in the industry, Dr.Taufiq Munshi has completed numerous courses on the latest in General & Aesthetic Dentistry. He is committed to continuing education and attends many courses throughout the year to learn new information, techniques and procedures to benefit our patients.

He is a Life member of Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry apart from being a member of The Indian Dental Association.

With its highly skilled and reputed panel of Specialist Dental surgeons on call, to an Array of Dental Procedures under one roof, you are assured of receiving the Finest Quality in Dentistry at Tooth care.

Dr.Sanya Munshi enjoys working with her patients in all aspects of their Dental health. She makes everyone Feel at Home with her warm and caring nature.

She conducts and participates in numerous Dental camps explaining importance of Oral health.

She has completed various courses in General Dentistry to give latest and best to her patients.

Dr.Sanya Munshi also manages the Dental unit at Vijaya Diagnostics Himayathnagar which is one of the leading and Highly Advanced Center for all types of Medical Diagnostics in India.