We sterilize all reusable equipments, including Dental hand pieces. We use an Autoclave, equipment that kills Bacteria and Viruses by Steam, Heat and Pressure.

All used instruments are first HAND CLEANED then soaked and cleaned in a DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER with an ENZYMATIC ultrasonic disinfectant liquid to breakdown the toughest of organic grit.

All Ultrasonically cleaned and dried instruments are then sealed in AUTOCLAVING Drums/STERILIZATION POUCHES then AUTOCLAVED at 121°C. Disposable items, such as Disposable injections, Sutures, Gloves, Mouth Masks, Cotton Rolls, Napkins etc., are used wherever possible. Root Canal Files are sterilized in a GLASS BEAD STERILIZER. We also use CHEMICAL Sterilization methods.